Speaking of Japanese summer treat, it’s shaved ice!!

The heat of summer in Japan is so hard

We had a lot of rainy days in Tokyo this summer compared to the other years.

But it was sweltering day today!! The highest temperature went over than 35 degrees. We were about to melt (^-^;)

Kakigori is the best dessert to beat the heat of Japanese summer.

Japanese traditional summer treat “kakigori ” is shaved ice(snow cone) with syrup. We can enjoy it everywhere in Tokyo. It’s the best dessert to beat the extreme heat of Japanese summer.

We went to cafe to have Kakigori.

This is it!

Soooo nice! I love it!

There are many kind of syrup flavors including strawberry, melon, lemon, mango, orange, condensed milk and so on.

Typically, we make “Kakigori” with “Kakigori” machine, which is a hand cranked or electric machine to spin a block of ice over a shaving blade.

The best Kakigori has a soft feeling. It has to be like snow, not ice. You know what I mean? Soft feeling, it might be expressed “fluffly”.  In order to make this feeling, we have to shave ice completely thin.

You should enjoy it.


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