We love taking a bath

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Japanese “bathroom” is so different from West.

Japanese people love taking a bath. Even though Japanese house is much smaller than other countries, we allocate larger space to the bathroom.

Generally speaking, in the West, there are sink, toilet, and bathtub in “Bathroom”. On the other hand, in Japan, we have three rooms separately.

  1. Toilet
  2. Washing room
  3. Bath room

It is separated from bathroom. And we can use it, while other people are using bathroom.

About 80% of households in Japan own commode with warm water jets. Using electronic toilets is as easy as pushing a button. Most models allow users to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water jet, with some upmarket varieties featuring a swiveling nozzle as well as pulsating spray. In particular, TOTO Washlet is the most reliable.

Note: There is an affiliate link, which means I receive compensation if ...
Washing room

There is usually sink and washing machine in washing room, which is connected to bathroom. We usually wash hands just after coming back home or take off cloths before going into the bathroom.


This is our bathroom. It has a floor space to shower, separated from the bathtub. You can fill the hot water by pushing button without overflow.

Japanese people love soaking a bathtub so much

Most Japanese think of the bathtub as the place to get rid of our daily fatigue, so we typically take baths at night, before going to bed.

The first thing is wash your body

The first thing we do when getting in the bathroom is take a shower: wash our hair and body, and take care of anything else we need to in the shower space. We  aren’t supposed to wash our body in the bathtub. A family shares the same water in the bathtub, so we keep the bathtub water clean.

Soak in the bathtub

And the Japanese love soaking in the tub even. Warming up the body improves circulation, alleviates fatigue and helps with shoulder stiffness. Raising the body’s temperature also improves metabolism, which can have dietary and skin-beautifying effects.

My husband love soaking the best in my family. We have a TV and jet bath spa, and he always get relaxed by soaking in the bathtub for a long time.

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