HI CHEW is best candy in the world!

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One of the best snack in Japan!

Do you know HI-CHEW? Have you seen that?

This is it!

HI‐CHEW is a soft candy that delivers the chewy satisfaction of gum, but never loses its flavor and can safely be swallowed like candy. Bursting with juicy fruit flavor in each chew, it’s no wonder it’s world No.1 soft candy!

My two sons love it so much. I really think HI-CHEW is one of the best food Japanese can be proud of in the world.

HI-CHEW has been popular in the world gradually

The candy was first released in 1975, in Japan Only. It’s current shape was made sometime in 1986. It can be found in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more countries. It is very similar to Starburst, with a different taste and texture. There are several special flavors, such as Fanta Orange, Fanta Grape, and Strawberry Cheesecake.

In 2012, Junichi Tazawa joins the Boston Red Sox, and is asked to stock the bullpen with gum for his fellow pitchers. He adds his favorite candy — Hi-Chew — which proves so popular he can’t keep up with demand, and asks Morinaga to supply the Sox, which leads to becoming more popular in US.

When we were in the UK, my husband introduced HI-CHEW to his American friend. He came to love it and order it on the WEB soon.

HI-CHEW is available all over the world now.

HI‐CHEW is a staple product in Morinaga’s effort to expand overseas and is currently marketed in a host of countries across the world, including the US, New Zealand, China and Taiwan, with plans to expand further.

I really recommend you buy it as souvenir when you come to Japan and enjoy its several flavor!

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