Randoseru is getting popular in the world!

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Randoseru is a must-have for Japanese school kid

This morning, my two sons packed books into “Randoseru” and shoot out the door with it on their back not to be late for school. It’s a usual scene…

“Randoseru” are the large, sturdy backpacks used by Japanese elementary school kids to carry books and supplies, and must-have for them in Japan.

Iconic Image of Japanese kids

The word “Randoseru” is adapted from the Dutch word “Ransel” which means backpack. Randoseru was introduced to Japan during the 19th century to carry the belongings of soldiers at first.

Because it was useful to carry heavy items with both hands free and durable, it came to be used as a bag for elementary school kids during the latter half of the 20thcentury.

Now, this unique bag is an iconic image of the Japanese elementary school kids. Kids start using randoserus at age 6 – the first year of elementary school – and are expected to use the same bag through sixth grade.

What color?

Popular and traditional colors used to be black for boys and red for girls, but recently a variety of colors including pastel colors are getting popular.

Many new randoseru purchases for girls are pink bags. Boys choose black, brown navy, and marine blue.

How much?

The all-leather backpacks which most parents or grand-parents buy are around $300-400 and sometimes as expensive as $1,000 or even more, depending on the materials.

Most randoserus are hand-made by Japanese craftsperson, which is important point. These bags are to be used by kids from first grade to sixth grade. They need to be well-made, because kids carry the same bag for six years.

Randoseru is becoming popular for adult as a fashionable bag

Randoseru are getting attention worldwide as a fashionable bag for adults, in the wake of being inspired by a famous American actress who used it as a fashion accessory.

Many visitor overseas purchase these classic models not only for their children but also for themselves. And recently, adult model (e.g. Otona Randsel launched by Tsuchiya-Kaban) are also becoming popular.

Where to buy

You can purchase at specialized stores and department stores.

Most stores start selling from around July or August for the start of elementary school in following April, but some stores sell it all year round for meeting robust needs from visitors. Recently, the supply has been running short of the demand, in particular for high-quality or high-brand products.

As you can see, Randoseru is evolving in Japan and started to embark on world market. Why don’t you use this durable and functional bag as a fashion in the world?

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