Good relationship between Japan and India!

Strategic and global partnership between two countries

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe set the future direction of the special strategic and global partnership between the two countries.

They expressed the ambitious Bullet Train project to build the 316-mile bullet train line. Financing by Japan also means business farmed out to companies such as Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Hitachi Ltd. and East Japan Railway Co. In that sense, this project is so meaningful for economic effect of both countries.

Nice communication with Indian friends

My husband has a lot of good Indian friends he met when he studied at business school in the UK. My family met some Indian friends’ family and deepened engagement. I was happy to communicate well and know their culture more. They are all so nice guys.

As you know, Buddhism is the most common religion in Japan. Because we imported Buddhism from India, we share the thought of Buddha spontaneously. I really respect their creativity and we Japanese have to learn a lot from them continuously.

I look forward to seeing them again in Japan or India!


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