Beautiful Autumn Foliage in Japan

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Autumn is the most comfortable season in Japan

There are four seasons in Japan. Which season do you like the best? A lot of Japanese love autumn, because it is the most comfortable season in Japan.

Autumn continues from September to November. In Japan, we have several sayings that Autumn is the best season for enjoying activities.

  1. Autumn for “Meals” :  Autumn is the best season for enjoying meals, due to the number of food and produce that are in season
  2. Autumn for “Sports”Autumn is the season for sports. It was something that started after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, which was held in Autumn
  3. Autumn for “Reading” : Autumn is the best season for reading books, as people can enjoy more time at home due to nights being longer.
  4. Autumn for “Art” :  Autumn is the season for art, as many exhibitions and art galleries open during the season.

According to these sayings, you can imagine this season is the most comfortable in a year. In this season, I always try new things, like walking, music, English conversation, most of which don’t continue for a long time…

You can enjoy beautiful Autumn foliage

During Autumn season in Japan, you can see beautiful autumn foliage. The leave turn red and that scenery is very beautiful. Colorful leaves (koyo) are to the Japanese autumn what cherry blossoms are to spring.

The sheer variety of plants which change color in the autumn is immense, roughly four times that of Europe with over 600 species of plants. The viewing of autumn foliage has been a popular activity in Japan for a long time. If you visit Japan in the autumn, the leaves are a must-see.


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