Why on earth do Japanese business men love Golf?

My husband was glad to join the golf party with colleagues

Today, my husband went golfing with colleagues, even though I had to take my elder son to and from test center to take mock exam for private junior high school. I am so busy and I really wanted him to support my family event at least on weekend! I complained to him.

Why on earth would you go golfing with your colleagues on weekend, while we are so busy with family event!?

We want to enjoy golf together once in a while.

Japanese business men have a lot of golf party with clients

I can’t believe it, because they often go golfing with their clients! It is called “Golf settai” in Japanese business culture.

Usually, after the one side company set the golf party for their client, the other side company set the golf party in turn next time. Because they have several clients, they have a lot of golf parties as a result.

I understand the golf party with clients is necessary in this Japanese business style. But they don’t need to have party with colleagues.

They want to enjoy golf with their colleagues or friends

According to them, they never can enjoy golf with clients. In particular, when they are host, they have to care for everything. They shouldn’t delay the party due to  their play, which means they must play a golf well not to bother client. They have to organize the scores of all players. They have to prepare for small party just after finishing the final hole.

And so, they say they really want to enjoy golf with members they don’t have to care for. I really think therefore they don’t need to have golf party with clients in the first place, if they don’t enjoy it. It’s waste of time and money!  We have to change this old-fashioned and barren custom.

This is today’s photo. They exactly look happy to enjoy golf…


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