White chocolate “Shiroi Koibito” is the most popular souvenirs from Hokkaido

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The most popular souvenir from Hokkaido

My friend visited Hokkaido recently and gave us the most popular souvenirs from Hokkaido; White chocolate cookie”Shiroi Koibito“. This biscuits are truly delicious, the whole family loves them.

Actually, It is manufactured and sold by Japanese confectionery maker Ishiya Co., Ltd. in Sapporo, Hokkaido. As you know, Hokkaido is the most northern area in Japan and it is famous for snow.

The quality of Hokkaido’s snow is one of the best in the world, and a lot of people from home and abroad visit Hokkaido to play winter sports.

After enjoying their time in Hokkaido, they look for souvenir and they are impressed with this sweet cookie. They bring back this cookie to their countries and their family friends come to love it. Now “Shiroi Koibito” has bunch of fun all over the world.

Hokkaido information

Hokkaido is one of the four major island of Japan. It is located just north of Honshu. Many parts of Hokkaido were opened to development by Japanese around the 19th century, making it a newcomer to Japanese history. The atmosphere is quite different in Hokkaido. It is not crowded. It is quite open and even vast in places. Only 5.5 million people live on the island, that is almost the same size as Ireland and Northern Ireland combined.

Hokkaido is close to Russia, with which Japan has been involved in territorial dispute over four islands that are a part of the Kuril Island, located off the northeastern coast.

It is famous for its abundant nature and popular destination for tourists. There are many sleepy fishing villages coves, and peninsulas where nature can be fully experienced along with countless mountains and lakes.

Summer comes quickly and is very short. But you can enjoy lavender, tulips and other colorful flowers. In winter, because powder snow is excellent, Hokkaido becomes one of the top Japanese ski resorts like Furano and Niseko.

Delicious white chocolate cookie

It is a product’s name of cookies coated with white chocolate.
It’s the most popular gift item as Hokkaido’s souvenirs.

A langue de chat is a white cookie that’s baked until the edges brown. The carefully controlled oven temperature achieves a crisp bake. White chocolate is sandwiched between the freshly baked langue de chat biscuits. This chocolate is an original recipe made just for Shiroi Koibito. Made with this great combination of langue de chat and our original chocolate, Shiroi Koibito has been popular for over 40 years.

(Sourced by Shiroi Koibito Park HP)

When you come to Japan, you should take it as souvenir. And then, your family and friends definitely become happy and come to love it.


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