“Konbini” is indispensable for Japanese

Part of Japanese Life

In Japan, you will see a “Konbini” which comes from convenience store on a lot of block. Most Konbini is open 24/7.

More than 50,000 konbini can be found across Japan. Tough competition between the major operators, such as Seven Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson, constantly produces new innovative products and services and makes Japanese convenience stores truly convenient.

In a Konbini, you can buy daily goods and sweets, like such as salad and obento (lunch boxes), rice balls, sandwiches, bread, chips, candy, instant noodle, microwave meals and hot foods like fried chicken, nikuman and oden. Many also sell alcoholic drink, such as beer, wine, shochu, sake and so on.

They have several services such as ATMs, copy, ticket reservation, bill payment, and packages services by courier.

Konbini is now a part of Japanese Life.


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