Japanese sometimes use “Kaomoji”

Kaomoji is convenient expression  as well as emoji

The other day, I emailed my friend living in UK.

It’s getting colder. I don’t like coldness(;д;)

Hey Miki! What is the last word “(;д;)”? What does it mean?

This is my expression of crying. It’s called “Kaomoji” in Japanese

Oh! I see. I couldn’t notice that(;д;)

The word kaomoji is synonymous to be referred to as Japanese emoticons. It is called kaomoji, which literally means face letters. This is all written with actual text characters, and we can use it in any situation.

  • Smile: (^▽^)/      \(^▽^)/   ヽ(*^^*)ノ
  • Sadness:  (;д;) (ノ_-。) (T_T)
  • Anger:   \(*`∧´)/      (#`Д´)           ) ̄ε ̄(
  • Embarassment:   (*^^*) (*⌒∇⌒*)
  • Shock:  ; ̄ロ ̄)! ( ̄□||||!!
  • Impatience:  (;^_^A  (^▽^;)


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