The important election is conducted in Japan

Important election for Japanese future

We have a vote for election of House of Representative today. This election is very significant while the situation on the Korean Peninsula remains unstable. Its developing missile and nuclear arsenal extremely have been inciting underlying conservatism.

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The two -House Parliament

Japan is a democratic country. Its people elect members of parliament, which has two houses: the Shugiin, or the House of Representatives, and the Sangiin, or the House of Councilors. The majority party in the Shugiin can form a cabinet for making administrative decisions on the nation’s affairs.

People want a stability

In the past, Japanese ministers were replaced soon due to the lack of leadership, which significantly affect national interest. They couldn’t show the presence in the world, while the other superpower like US or Russia did.

In that sense, PM Abe has been showing his leadership and greater presence in the world than past PM. This long-term rule of government give us kind of feeling of safety.

How to raise voting rate?

Because it is bad weather everywhere in Japan due to Typhoon, we are concerned that the voting rate would lower.

In such a situation, the popular ramen chain restaurant “Ippudo” propose a service of limited duration after election to support raising the voting rate. People who have evidence that they voted this time can have “Kaedama” which means extra ball of noodle for free.

The government have been making effort to raise voting rate in several ways. But this kind of social effort is much more effective.


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