AI is going to take away the job from my husband?

Japanese large companies have announced the reduction of workforce

One of the biggest banks in Japan announced that they will reduce one third of the current workforce in a decade. They have a lot of branched throughout Japan and oversee, and the number of workforce is around 60,000 now.

By replacing their office work by AI and machine, they would slash many domestic branched and reduce their workforce.

This trend is definitely expected to spread in various sectors in Japan.


Oh, my goodness! I have to think of my future path gradually.

As I said several times, you should consider seriously now! No “Que Sera, Sera“!
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AI have a bad influence on economic situation?

Some people are concerned that AI will take away jobs from us and affects the economic situation in light of worsening employment.

AI improves the productivity. And it has a good effect on economy, right?

Exactly. The productivity would be improved and people who are taken their job are expected to go to new business area, which leads to economic growth in the long run. But from short term view, this disruptive evolution might has a huge impact on employment and economy…

Compared to the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, AI’s disruption of society is happening much faster and much bigger scale.

It certainly affects the people’s job in particular, unskilled labor, which have an influence on economic situation from short term view. A lot of companies end up holding many redundant labors by replacing their task by AI. The unemployment would rise dramatically, which leads to negative impact on economy.

What do you think is recommended job for my sons?

Consultant for people who are taken away jobs!


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