Golf diplomacy between Trump and Abe

Abe and Trump played golf together to show a strong tie on Sunday

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Donald Trump played golf on the first day of Trump’s three-day visit to Japan, to deepen their friendship and close personal ties. They were joined by 25-year-old Japanese professional golfer Hideki Matsuyama.

Playing golf together is meaningful? I don’t understand that sense.

Absolutely Yes! Golf is perfect sport to get to know each other well. While playing golf, people tend to show their real characters.

I haven’t known that you always have room to check other guy’s situation carefully while playing.
My husband was glad to join the golf party with colleagues Today, my hu...

Ivanka Trump might be the most successful person in this visit

By the way, Ivanka Trump visited Japan previously as adviser to the president. She spoke at the World Assembly for Women and ask for innovative policies to ensure women can enjoy motherhood and a career.

Source: Japanese government


She is well-educated, beautiful and having high career. In addition, she balances celebrity life with being a mother of three children. She is really an ideal for Japanese women

She might be the most successful person in this visit. The reputation related to her fashion brand would be further improved in Japan.



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