Oden is traditional winter hot-pot dish in Japan

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Hot pot dish with plenty of ingredients

It’s cold today. Why don’t we have Oden for dinner.

Yes! It becomes Oden season.

Oden is traditional winter hot-pot dish with plenty of ingredients, such as slice daicon radish, konbu, boiled eggs, simmered in large pot of broth. Oden is popular products in convenience store. 

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Popular ingredients

  1. Daikon radish
    Most popular ingredient. Daikon absorbs the soup stock well and become quite tasty.
  2. Deep-fried fish paste
    Fish paste is made by steaming, grilling, or deep frying minced fish meat. Chikuwa (tube-shaped fish paste) is the most popular type.
  3. Deep fried tofu balls with vegetables
    Made by mixing crashed tofu with vegetables and deep frying them.
  4. Kombu
    After being cooked to make soup, kombu is tied into a decorative knot and used as one of the ingredients.
  5. Konnyaku
    Comes in different shapes such as triangles or balls.
  6. Boiled eggs
    Egg yolks can add a different taste to the soup.
  7. Beef tendon
    Popular ingredient in Kansai region (Western Japan).


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