Yoku Moku is the best souvenir from Japan

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Cigare is the representative of Yoku Moku cookies

What do you think is the best food for souvenir from Japan?

Well, I think… “Tokyo banana”.

Tokyo banana is very good. But the best is absolutely Yoku Moku.

I see… I gave my client Yoku Moku Cigare as souvenir, they got impressed with that and since then I always bring it to them. It is so nice with refined sweetness, not too sweet.
Delicious buttery cookies

The main ingredient of its classic signature product “Cigare” is butter, coupled with the perfect compounding ratio of egg white, sugar and flour. Cigare is rolled into cylindrical shape, which makes it rich in flavor and light in texture, tasting the freshness and harmony of the ingredients.

YOKU MOKU has always been one of the must-buy souvenirs when travelling to Japan.

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