Pilot FriXion is one of the best invention in a decade

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It is popular product in Japanese office

Have you used FriXion? Today, I used that for the first time. It is so convenient.

You used that for the first time today? You missed the wave! I have been using that for several years. It is so common in my office.


Yes. We can write letters with a feeling of a pen. And of course we can erase easily without an eraser shaving. It is amazing product. I think it is one of the best invention in a decade. But be careful. We shouldn’t sign the contract with FriXion.

After World War II the ballpoint pen started to replace the pencil as the writing instrument for the masses. People were using ink to quickly jot notes, write letters and even draft documents. But alas, any mistake of the handwritten word had to be colored over leaving an unsightly blemish that distracted the reader’s eye. Following a decade of research and development failures, in the early 80s the first erasable ink pens reached the marketplace. What made these new ballpoints so different from traditional pens was the ink. Instead of being made from oils and dyes, it was made with a liquid rubber component that had to be slightly pressurized to ensure a continuous flow. A positive consequence that made writing at a wider range of pen angles possible. However, some care has to be taken in protecting the written message (and the pen) from excessive heat that can cause the ink to fade.

(Source: Pilot Website)

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