Haramaki is indispensable for my family

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Haramaki  is an item of Japanese clothing to cover and warm up the stomach.

It is very healthful to keep your stomach. 

My husband and younger son have weak stomach and they easily have bad stomach, in particular, in winter. In addition, my husband suffers from Hiesho. It is a condition in which the body’s extremities, such as the hands and feet, remain cold and cannot warm up.

Today, I bought some nice Binchotan Haramaki (stomach warmer) for them. This Binchotan Haramaki helps warm up your midsection. By warming up your stomach, it can help to ease menstrual cramps, aid digestion and give support during and after pregnancy.

Binchotan is famous for its odor reducing, antibacterial and purifying attributes. By infusing ultra-fine Binchotan into the fabric, those valuable properties are transferred into this haramaki. Binchotan infused fabric is also known to release minus ion, which provides you relaxation in everyday life.

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