Popular and convenient goods in Japan – healthcare goods –

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Super Absorbent Mats

This is amazing! I love this great mat which soaks all the water instantly. Really really helpful with my kid who always jumps out of the bath tub soaking wet.
Other mats like the soft ones does soak the water but does not dry soon and smell sometimes.

Nail Clipper

I loves it. Very sharp cut!

Use the stainless steel cutlery that has been hardened to high hardness, skilled craftsmen has undergone a blade with one by one ding. Gently nails ideal earl shape to the nail, and finish to the smooth curve. Design is also a stylish gem.

Orthopedic Coccyx Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This is fantastic. I bought one for my husband to relieve lower body pressure and pain when sitting for long periods of time in uncomfortable chairs. It works wonders (no more pain). He loves it.

Essential Oil Diffuser

I’ve been using essential oils for years and gave this to my parents. It is very easy to use and also looks nice and blends in with their decorating.

Yutanpo (Japanese Hot Water Bottle)

Over the centuries, the Japanese have enjoyed slipping into bed on cold winter nights with a simple warming device called a yutanpo.

It works well. Stays warm for hours. Try it!


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