Popular and convenient goods in Japan – Kitchen goods –

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Onigirazu  – easy to make Onigiri –

You can make Onigiri easily like burger.

Titanium Double Tumbler

The temperature is kept for a long time due to the material of titanium. A drop of water doesn’t generate on the surface even if you put the ice in it. Good for gift.

Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold

  • Ice Tray is an extremely useful product ranging from ice balls to popsicles.
  • Perfectly rounded ice balls to cool your Whiskey Glasses, Hurricane Glasses, Iced Coffee or your favorite beverage

Classic Grater

Chibikurokun  -easy to cook rice –

Rice Cooker for Microwave Oven 2-cup.

Compact flyer

  • Product Description Easy to use pot, optimal compact size in a convenient compact size bento making to those compact electric fryer
  • little fried. Recommended person living alone and, also, such as husband and wife of the elderly! It is economical can quickly cook because it is fried in a small amount of oil (0.5L).

Microwave Oven Pressure Cooker 

  • Rice and water are put in and delicious boiled rice is puffily steamed only by applying to a microwave oven!
  • If stew dishes which require time, such as curry and a stew, are also microwave oven pressure cookers, they can be made in a short time.
  • If a microwave oven pressure cooker is used, there is also no heat unevenness and it can cook quickly. Convenient for heated vegetables etc. A nutrient is not missed, either.
  • The dish which seems to be difficult also pays ingredients apparently and he is Ching! It can make easily.

Infrared Ray Well-being Roaster Indoor Electric Grill

  • The effects of antibacteria, deodorization, and no smoke are outstanding due to the actions generated from infrared rays
  • ZAIGLE is a parented invention with high energy efficiency with out the waste of heat.
  • Use ZAIGLE as microwave, electric grill, electric oven, fish grill, frying pan, toaster, air frye

Soba machine

You like Soba? Then you should take it! It’s so easy.

Multi Eco Stand Plastic Bag Holder

  • Drying rinsed bottles, glasses, cups and storage bags
  • Holds plastic bag and make it trash bag for crumbs
  • Holds storage bags open for easy filling
  • Non-slip silicone tips on top and bottom
  • Powder-coated steel resistant


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