The last day of the year, Omisoka

Omisoka, New Year’s Eve

Omisoka is December 31, the last day of the year. During daytime, we cleaned our houses, which called Osoji, in order to get ready for New Year.

On the evening, it is custom for families to get together to have Toshikoshi Soba . It is the year-end dish of buckwheat noodles customarily eaten on Omisoka. People eat these long noodles in the hope that they will lead a long and fortunate life.

Around midnight, the bell at the Buddhist temples ring out 108 times to purify the 108 worldly desires one by one. It is called Joya-no-Kane.

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I’m so tired.. You should have helped more! I had many things I had to do. Cleaning, making Soba, and preparing for New Year’s event, in particular, Osechi Ryori, a special variety of foods eaten during the New Year period!

All I can do is play with kids..

Japanese housewife is so busy during holidays…

Anyway, have a happy new year!


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