Japan is safe country?

The number of criminal offenses has dropped to a record low

The number of criminal offenses in Japan has dropped to a record low last year, based on data available since 1946.

The National Police Agency says there were 915,111 cases of criminal offenses in 2017, down more than 81,000, or 8.1 percent from the previous year. The figure marks a 15th straight annual decline.

Do you think Japan is safe country?

Absolutely, Yes. That’s why we can let kids commute to the school alone.

Japanese kids commute to the school alone

My friends living in other countries are shocked to hear that Japanese schoolchildren walk to and from the school by themselves. They sometimes take the train or buses alone.


Japan has a very low crime rate, which is surely a key reason we parents feel confident about sending their kids out alone. But small-scaled urban spaces and a culture of walking and transit use also factor of feeling safety. In Japan, there is traditional phrase “Send the beloved child on a journey.” which means that children should learn to take on challenges and difficulties from an early stage in life. 

Actually, when we lived in London, I had to take them to and from school, football team and friend’s house. I was so busy. In that sense, it is so helpful in Japan now. But also in Japan, I heard that abduction and kidnapping associated with social networking services increased to a 5-year-high of 239 cases.

Exactly. Rather, we should care not to get our kids involved in criminal through the Web like SNS. 


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