How to avoid false accusation of molestation?

“Chikan” which means molestation on the train has been an issue in Japan for decades


This morning, a woman and businessman quarreled loudly in the train. Although a woman criticized of his molestation, he definitely denied. I wonder its result.

Sexual harassment in the train is still serious problem in Japan.

‘Chikan’ is the Japanese term for molesters who sexually harass usually women in the public places by touching her body.

In Japan, it often happens in the busy trains in rush hour commonly in the evening or at night.

As the chikan problem became a big social issue in Japan, in 2002, the first women-only compartment service was introduced. Now some trains in big city offer women-only passenger carriage in the morning and evening rush hours. 

False accusation of molestation is getting serious problem


However, what if we really don’t sexually harass anyone and are just mistaken? And what is the evidence?

If you are caught and brought to the station office, you would be taken over the police. In that case, although you deny completely, you would be arrested on suspicion of molestation.The testimony of the victim is placed importance.

If you continue to deny, it may takes some days to be released. During this time, you are regarded as one who might harass woman, which could ruin your social status and reputation. Therefore, some people settle and pay compensation to be released soon.


No way! It’s not fair!

What should we do when we are mistaken?

Some people pick up the following options for that.

  1. Ignore and walk away
  2. Listen to victim and discuss well
  3. Say an opinion with a firm attitude
  4. Look for a witness
  5. Intimidate with fury
  6. Run away!

All of these are not convincing! In particular, No.6 seems that we really commit a crime… What’s important is not to be mistaken. We have to stand in the crowd with our arms raised.

Correct. Many businessmen pay attention to that. Some people raise hands, other don’t come close to women. The others apply for insurance which defend themselves from false accusation of groping, including legal consultation within a 48-hour period for them.

But, I hear that recently some women come close to men on purpose and fake to be harassed for getting compensation. Anyway, be careful!

We should introduce men-only carriage!



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