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How to avoid false accusation of molestation?

#8220;Chikan#8221; which means molestation on the train has been an issue in Japan for decades ‘Chikan’ is the Japanese term for molesters who sexually harass usually women in the public places by touching her body. In Japan, it often happens in the busy trains in rush hour commonly in the evening or at night. As the chikan problem became a big social issue in Japan, in 2002, the first women-only compartment service was introduced. Now some trains in big city offer women-only passenger carriage in the morning and evening rush hours.  False accusation of molestation is getting serious problem If you are caught and brought to the station office, you


Japan is safe country?

The number of criminal offenses has dropped to a record low The number of criminal offenses in Japan has dropped to a record low last year, based on data available since 1946. The National Police Agency says there were 915,111 cases of criminal offenses in 2017, down more than 81,000, or 8.1 percent from the previous year. The figure marks a 15th straight annual decline. Japanese kids commute to the school alone My friends living in other countries are shocked to hear that Japanese schoolchildren walk to and from the school by themselves. They sometimes take the train or buses alone.


Dream Job of Japanese kids

The top of boys is academics or scholars The Japanese insurance company polled elementary school and preschool children in the annual survey between July and September. It analyzed answers from 1,100 respondents. The result was announced on Jan 5th and shows that more Japanese boys are hoping to become academics or scholars. It is the first time in 15 years that academics or scholars topped the list. Boys Girls 1st Academics or Scholars Working at food shops 2nd Baseball players Nurses 3rd Football players teachers


Oshogatsu, the New Year Holidays is special for Japanese!

Akemashite Omedetou! Today is the Oshogatsu, the new year holiday. It was so beautiful day!! We say to each other #8220;Akemashite Omedeto#8221; to express congratulations on New Year. Family members get together The New Year Holiday is special time for Japanese. Family members get together and enjoy their time while getting relaxed at home. During the first tree days, schools and many businesses close and people who live far away return to celebrate the New Year with family and relatives. On New Year#8217;s Day, we drink Otoso (Japanese Sake) and eat traditional dishes such as Osechi Ryori. And we visit shrines for Hatsumode which means first visit of the year


The last day of the year, Omisoka

Omisoka, New Year#8217;s Eve Omisoka is December 31, the last day of the year. During daytime, we cleaned our houses, which called Osoji, in order to get ready for New Year. On the evening, it is custom for families to get together to have Toshikoshi Soba . It is the year-end dish of buckwheat noodles customarily eaten on Omisoka. People eat these long noodles in the hope that they will lead a long and fortunate life. Around midnight, the bell at the Buddhist temples ring out 108 times to purify the 108 worldly desires one by one. It is called Joya-no-Kane. Do you know the difference between Shrines and Temples in JapanTwo


Japan’s Emperor will step down in April 2019

Announced he would abdicate due to aging Last year, the 83-year-old emperor said his age and health would make it difficult to fulfill his duties. A lot of Japanese people who really respect and love him were shocked to hear that, but on the other hand, we understood his thought and appreciated his long-term contribution to peace of Japan. The Symbol of the State and of the unity of the People According to the Japanese Constitution, the role of the Emperor is as #8220;the symbol of the State and of the unity of the People#8221; after the Second World War. The current Emperor, Akihito, is 125th in his line, dating back


Bonenkai season has started…

Bonenkai is #8220;forget-the-year party#8221; December is a busy season for the year-end parties, which is called Bonenkai literally “forget-the-year party” in Japanese. They are held to forget the difficulties and unpleasant memories of that year, and to look forward to success in the next. Groups of friends or colleagues enjoy a lively evening of eating, drinking and games at Japanese pub called Izakaya and in Karaoke boxes. What is Izakaya? Izakaya is Japanese style pub, where you can enjoy all kinds of foods and drinks. It is best to go to an Izakaya with a group of friends. Izakaya is casual, so you can talk and laugh in a loud voice.


Japanese people love Onsen

Japanese style spa Japanese people love hot spring so much, which called #8220;Onsen#8221; in Japanese, for a long time. Because we have a lot of volcanoes, we also have a lot of hot spring areas. Every region of the country has hot springs and resort towns. Onsen are treasured for quite a few reasons. For health, the minerals of Onsen are known for their healing qualities. What#8217;s more, Onsen are often found away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in remote mountainside areas where people can rejuvenate by taking pleasure in nature and outdoor activities. Needless to say, Onsen incredibly popular destinations for Japanese travelers. There are a lot of

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Golf diplomacy between Trump and Abe

Abe and Trump played golf together to show a strong tie on Sunday Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Donald Trump played golf on the first day of Trump#8217;s three-day visit to Japan, to deepen their friendship and close personal ties. They were joined by 25-year-old Japanese professional golfer Hideki Matsuyama. Why on earth do Japanese business men love Golf?My husband was glad to join the golf party with colleagues Today, my hu…Family Time in Japan! Ivanka Trump might be the most successful person in this visit By the way, Ivanka Trump visited Japan previously as adviser to the president. She spoke at the World Assembly for Women and ask


AI is going to take away the job from my husband?

Japanese large companies have announced the reduction of workforce One of the biggest banks in Japan announced that they will reduce one third of the current workforce in a decade. They have a lot of branched throughout Japan and oversee, and the number of workforce is around 60,000 now. By replacing their office work by AI and machine, they would slash many domestic branched and reduce their workforce. This trend is definitely expected to spread in various sectors in Japan. We have to change Japanese work styleNote: There is an affiliate link, which means I receive compensation if …Family Time in Japan! AI have a bad influence on economic situation?


Japanese sometimes use “Kaomoji”

Kaomoji is convenient expression  as well as emoji The other day, I emailed my friend living in UK. The word kaomoji is synonymous to be referred to as Japanese emoticons. It is called kaomoji, which literally means face letters. This is all written with actual text characters, and we can use it in any situation. Smile: (^▽^)/      \(^▽^)/   ヽ(*^^*)ノ Sadness:  (;д;) (ノ_-。) (T_T) Anger:   \(*`∧´)/      (#`Д´)           ) ̄ε ̄( Embarassment:   (*^^*) (*⌒∇⌒*) Shock:  ; ̄ロ ̄)! ( ̄□||||!! Impatience:  (;^_^A  (^▽^;)


“Konbini” is indispensable for Japanese

Part of Japanese Life In Japan, you will see a #8220;Konbini#8221; which comes from convenience store on a lot of block. Most Konbini is open 24/7. More than 50,000 konbini can be found across Japan. Tough competition between the major operators, such as Seven Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson, constantly produces new innovative products and services and makes Japanese convenience stores truly convenient. In a Konbini, you can buy daily goods and sweets, like such as salad and obento (lunch boxes), rice balls, sandwiches, bread, chips, candy, instant noodle, microwave meals and hot foods like fried chicken, nikuman and oden. Many also sell alcoholic drink, such as beer, wine, shochu,


Why on earth do Japanese business men love Golf?

My husband was glad to join the golf party with colleagues Today, my husband went golfing with colleagues, even though I had to take my elder son to and from test center to take mock exam for private junior high school. I am so busy and I really wanted him to support my family event at least on weekend! I complained to him. Japanese business men have a lot of golf party with clients I can#8217;t believe it, because they often go golfing with their clients! It is called #8220;Golf settai#8221; in Japanese business culture. Usually, after the one side company set the golf party for their client, the other


Good relationship between Japan and India!

Strategic and global partnership between two countries Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe set the future direction of the special strategic and global partnership between the two countries. They expressed the ambitious Bullet Train project to build the 316-mile bullet train line. Financing by Japan also means business farmed out to companies such as Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Hitachi Ltd. and East Japan Railway Co. In that sense, this project is so meaningful for economic effect of both countries. Nice communication with Indian friends My husband has a lot of good Indian friends he met when he studied at business school in the UK. My family met


Randoseru is getting popular in the world!

Note: There is an affiliate link, which means I receive compensation if you purchase a product through this link. Visit my disclosure page for more information. Randoseru is a must-have for Japanese school kid This morning, my two sons packed books into #8220;#8221; and shoot out the door with it on their back not to be late for school. It#8217;s a usual scene#8230; #8220;Randoseru#8221; are the large, sturdy backpacks used by Japanese elementary school kids to carry books and supplies, and must-have for them in Japan. Iconic Image of Japanese kids The word “Randoseru” is adapted from the Dutch word “Ransel” which means backpack. Randoseru was introduced to Japan during the


We have to change Japanese work style

Note: There is an affiliate link, which means I receive compensation if you purchase a product through this link. Visit my disclosure page for more information. Linda Gratton will advise Japan on reforming social system Today#8217;s news announced Lynda Gratton, Professor of London Business School and co-author of #8220;The 100 Year Life#8220;, has been asked by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to join his new Advisory Council on reforming social welfare and education. A more efficient welfare system is needed to address the growing number of centenarians (over 60,000 at present) across Japan. Developing younger generations for working life is also critical in a country with a high number of


Do you know the difference between Shrines and Temples in Japan

Two types of religious buildings We have two types of religious buildings in Japan. One is Shinto shrines, and the other is Buddhist temples. Both have been coexisting for a long time in Japan. A typical Japanese visit both depending on purpose. Japanese Religion view The Japanese see Shinto as the nation#8217;s native religion. Buddhism is viewed as country#8217;s philosophical backbone, and Christianity as an idea reflecting Western values and culture. Interestingly, the three religion keep mingled in the daily lives. Christmas has become one of the most popular days of the year in Japan, and each person has his ore her own particular way of celebrating it. Yet, a


Japanese high-tech toilet is comfortable

Note: There is an affiliate link, which means I receive compensation if you purchase a product through this link. Visit my disclosure page for more information. Most Japanese household use high-tech toilet This is our toilet. It is separated from bathroom. And we can use it, while other people are using bathroom. We love taking a bathNote: There is an affiliate link, which means I receive compensation if …Family Time in Japan! About 80% of households in Japan own commode with warm water jets. Using electronic toilets is as easy as pushing a button. Most models allow users to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water jet, with some


We love taking a bath

Note: There is an affiliate link, which means I receive compensation if you purchase a product through this link. Visit my disclosure page for more information. Japanese #8220;bathroom#8221; is so different from West. Japanese people love taking a bath. Even though Japanese house is much smaller than other countries, we allocate larger space to the bathroom. Generally speaking, in the West, there are sink, toilet, and bathtub in #8220;Bathroom#8221;. On the other hand, in Japan, we have three rooms separately. Toilet Washing room Bath room Toilet It is separated from bathroom. And we can use it, while other people are using bathroom. About 80% of households in Japan own commode


Hello world! What is Japanese life style like?

The first time to live outside Japan Four years ago, we moved to London because of my husband#8217;s work transfer. This was the first time for my family to live outside Japan. When I think about it now, it was extremely amazing memories in our life in all senses. But at first, I was so bewildered by many differences of lifestyle. Days of many hardship Just after we moved to London, I always complained to my husband. In addition to language difficulty, I was so puzzled by different life style in UK and I got grumpy. Respect for other lifestyle While I struggled to get used to the native lifestyle, I